Introducing Free Trial For Atelier

Free Trial on the iOS App Store

Atelier is updated to 1.2, and the app is changed to free (to download). Upon the first launch, you can choose between paying full price upfront, or making $0 In–App Purchase for 7 day free trial. With free trial, you can try all the features of Atelier for a week without paying regular price—currently $4.99.

After years of underwhelming sales, I found out that paid app model is not the best way to sell a simple and focused drawing app like Atelier. Or is there any good way to sell an app like this? We’ll see. You can try it on the App Store.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed brush width slider percent bubble misalignment
  • Fixed visual glitch sometimes created by closing main menu
  • Fixed a color composition bug caused by layer opacity