Metapho for iOS 10

Metapho 2.1 is mostly for editing of Live Photos.
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Live Photo Edit

iOS 10 lets you crop, filter, enhance, and rotate Live Photos without turning them into stills. Thankfully, Apple opens up this feature to third party app like Metapho. Now you can change or remove metadata of Live Photos and they remains live after editing.
And Safe Share feature is completely rebuilt to support these Live Photos. It gives you more control. For example, you can Share without Metadata a Live Photo, select Save Live Photo to get a new metadata stripped live photo, then delete original for destructive but storage saving workflow.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes an issue that showed incorrect file size just after downloading a photo from iCloud Photos Library
  • Better handling of metadata edited by Photos for Mac, for sharing with metadata
  • Fixes map issue in Metapho extension, caused by Photos for Mac assigned location

Requiring Latest iOS

Metapho requires iOS 10. Live Photo Editing and Sharing was non–trivial features to implement and I wanted to keep the codes as tidy as possible for future updates, so I bumped up minimum requirement iOS version. I highly recommend all users to update to the latest iOS. For older devices, Metapho 2.0.1 will continue to work for iOS 9 and available for download on the App Store’s purchased section.