English is not my first language. Unfortunately, it is the essential language for app business and tech community, and so many entertainment and learning materials are provided only in English.

When I decided to make myself a programmer, improving my English–reading skill was very important. Extending my vocabulary was one of the key things to do. I read written English contents mostly on the iOS devices and Mac. And they have excellent built–in dictionaries. I did constantly look up a new word only to find that it was not a new word, and I just forgot that I already looked it up before. I need to collect and keep track of new words I have looked up, so I made an app for that.

Whether I’m reading something on iPhone, iPad, or on the web, I can easily collect a new word using iOS app or recently created web app. CloudKit keeps everything in sync in background. Wordio complications for Apple Watch forces me to be exposed to those words whenever I glance my watch face. The app has been very helpful for me to improve my reading1.

For a casual life–long english learner like me, managing already-looked-up-words could not be overemphasized. If you’re interested and ready to pay $2.99 to see if it’s for you, you can buy Wordio on the App Store.

  1. not much for writing as you can see at this point