Introducing Mehssages

Today, I’m feeling extreme meh to announce Mehssages. It is a brand new app enables SMS filter for unknown senders.

I have very low tolerance for unsolicited incoming things on my iPhone. My default choice for notification permission for a new app is Don’t Allow. For emails, I’m a long time happy customer of MailRoute.
For SMS, I had to use a carrier-provided slow and ugly spam filter app. But not anymore. Thanks to the iOS 11’s new Messages filter extension, I made an app that filters SMS and MMS from unknown senders into a separate, muted list in the Messages. These unsolicited meh-ssages (did you get it?) do not make notifications and land in the SMS Junk list silently. A filtered message does add badge count of the Messages, so I can check them when I need.

By default, Mehssages filters every SMS and MMS from numbers not saved in the Contacts. What about important messages from unknown senders, like bank statement or credit card usage or verification code for 2 step authentication? There’s Whitelist for that. You can whitelist certain phone number or message body text. An iMessages app is also included for convenient whitelisting without leaving Messages.


Mehssages works completely offline. Since its filtering rule is quite simple, the app does not need to send incoming messages to a server to get deferred filtering results. For more, see our privacy policy.

Attention is precious and fragile resource. You’ve already wasted fair amount of it by reading this. Do not add spam messages to the mix. Mehssages is available on the App Store.