Metapho 3.2 Release Note

Metapho 3.2 is a major update, with some nice new features and lots of bug fixes and small improvements.

New Features

  • Asset Manager
    Photos manages multiple resources of an item as a bundle for edited item, Live Photo, Portrait photo, and RAW+JPEG. Asset Manager reveals underlying files if multiple assets are available for the item. It makes easy to check and export assets. It just takes few taps to extract MOV file from a Live Photo, or to check original photo’s metadata with Metapho App Extension in Metapho. (Insert Inception OST here)
  • Raw Metadata See All
    In Camera section > See All, raw dictionary representation of metadata as keys and values without formatting, is available. Now it’s possible to copy each value, section, or entire metadata dictionary.
  • Save As…
    Since the default file naming is’t very meaningful in the Apple Photos, file renaming is one of the most popular feature requests. However, it is not possible to rename already-saved photo in the photos library. Now, 3.2 offers Save As… feature, which lets you save a copy with a new name you enter. Life sometimes gives you renaming in the form of Save As + delete original combo.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Live Photo is supported for iCloud Shared Album in the app extension
  • Exports HEIC as HEIC, in Share without Metadata > Save to Files and similar sharing actions
  • Improves VoiceOver supports for accessibility
  • Fixes some crashes caused by exporting a large HEIC image in Action app extension
  • Fixes color profile bug where editing sRGB image converted it to Display P3 in some devices
  • Adds User Comment field under Camera section
  • Displays "/" instead of ":" for file name

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