More Save Options for Metapho

Photos manages edited versions as one bundle. It’s a simple and safe way to handle photo editing. However, sometimes you want more control over how edited version is exported. Now, you can choose between multiple options when you change date / location metadata. Here’s how it works.

  • Save as New Copy
    Save as New Copy brings a efficient, destructive, no-re-rendering workflow to the table. It creates a new copy with edited metadata — or metadata removed copy and adds the copy to your Photos Library. The original file will be moved to the Recently Deleted album if Delete Original after Save option is turned on; after the system delete confirmation alert, of course.
    When copies are made, Save as New Copy applies metadata changes to every assets in the item. This includes all image and video files of the previous version, even MOV part of the Live Photo.

  • Share with Edited Metadata
    Metapho has SafeShare feature that removes all metadata when you export your photo or video. Now the app introduces sharing with edited date / location. For temporary sharing or opening in another app, Share with Edited Metadata gives you metadata modified item just in time, without cluttering your Photos Library.

  • Edit Original
    Of course, the good old way of saving changes is still there. While it feels slightly wasteful to re-render the whole image as JPEG and store it to change some GPS tags, this fast and revertable option is suitable for many cases.

All options are available for batch editing, too. For example, you can export bunch of photos and videos without location metadata to your folder in Files.

And there’s a new option for handling multiple dates in Date Edit. Instead of shifting each dates relatively, Pin All to Same Date changes multiple dates to the same point at once.

Metapho 3.3 is available on the App Store