Metapho 3.5 Release Note

Metapho shows keyboard shortcuts

Metapho 3.5 improves quality of life using the app on the iPad.

I’ve waited for a long time, silently, that Apple someday adds system level keyboard support to UICollectionView, which Metapho uses for its Photos Library grid. Since there was no sign my patience — lazyness, honestly — would be rewarded soon, I bite the bullet and added it by myself.

The hardware keyboard makes it more easy and ergonomic to navigate and select items, and gives you quick access to the metadata editing actions. The shortcuts help page is accessible by pressing cmd + shift + ? in the app.

iPad’s trackpad gestures and cursor are better supported in this update, too.

Bug fixes and improvements

  • Fixes an issue that Share Sheet did not work correctly after cancelling initial sharing activity
  • Fixes a bug that made the app unresponsive for a moment when you tap cancel while a Live Photo sharing is in progress
  • Fixes editing of raw image with edited version
  • Improves performance for large batch sharing work
  • Shows Author metadata for video if available

Metapho is available on the App Store