Metapho 3.6 Release Note

Metapho 3.6 introduces Files integration and Sidebar layout.

New Features

  • Files support: Files integration lets you add a bookmark of a file or folder to the sidebar. It opens in-place. You can directly edit metadata of the files in Files Locations without making duplications or importing them to Photos.
  • Sidebar: Quickly find Photos album and Files folder in a new sidebar for iPad.
  • Date Filter is added to Photos Library. Since items in the library are ordered by creation date, you can apply a filter by picking start and end dates.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • More native support for Limited Library Access. You can edit selected photos in the app.
  • Without Photos Library access permission, full or selective, the app still works with Files integration feature alone.
  • Safe Share is free. Share without Metadata doesn’t require unlock purchase.
  • Automatic location detection for clipboard, which caused excessive clipboard notification, is removed. Instead, “Paste from Clipboard” action is added to Location Edit.
  • Some type of HEIC file, which has no EXIF data at all, crashed Metapho at editing time. Fixed.
  • User created album with a location filter mishandled changes of album membership. Fixed.
  • Metapho respects HEIC image asset with .jpg file extension, added by Photos Edit. It keeps .jpg file extension when it’s saved with Save as a New Copy save option.
  • Metapho app extension reported an error on exporting videos in Photos. Fixed.