Metapho Supports Files

Me: I’m going to add Files support to Metapho!

On iOS, while Photos app has main focus for the workflows dealing with images and videos, sometimes you want to work with your files directly in the Locations of Files app such as iCloud Drive, On My iPhone, and SMB server locations.

Metapho 3.6 adds support for files based workflows. It lets you add bookmarks of files and folders to the sidebar. Added folder is treated like a Photos album, so that you can check and edit metadata of the files in the folder. This enables neat workflows like changing location tags of photos in your SD card directly1.

Under Files section in the sidebar, Bookmarks stores file bookmarks added individually. Use Add File… menu or drag files from Files app and drop to the Bookmarks view to add single file bookmarks. Items like files and subfolders in your folder can be accessed by bookmarking the folder in the Files Locations. Tapping Add Folder… lets you pick a folder to grant Metapho access to its contents. Unfortunately, after many, many attempts, I couldn’t make drag and drop work for folders.

I’ve poured much effort into things like coordinated reading and writing, batch operations, download progress from iCloud… to make them work just like items in Photos Library.

As always this is a free update for all existing users. And if you're a generous and kind existing user, you can buy me a coffee.

  1. After you backed up those files somewhere else, of course