Metapho 3.7 Release Note

Introducing Metapho for Mac! Metapho goes universal today and its intuitive Date / Location editing is now available on the macOS too.


  • Faster app launch when you have lots of Folders bookmarked in Files section
  • Better EXIF MakerNote handling
  • Adds ‘Open in Metapho’ to the iOS Share Sheet for opening image/video files in-place in Metapho
  • Improves performance of Photos Library left/right swipe navigation
  • More consistent keyboard navigation and focus handling

Bug Fixes

  • AVI file extension was set incorrectly when the file was converted to MOV for editing and sharing. Fixed
  • Fixes a bug where the file bookmark you had removed refused to disappear right away
  • Fixes a bug where incorrect item was shared when the same item was exported in multiple windows simultaneously
  • Fixes incorrect time zone setting when the app was editing a file that had not been downloaded locally
  • Now, multi-file-date-shifting works as expected
  • On iPadOS + compact width, Cancel button when you’re picking save options in Location Edit, works again