Introducing Metapho for Mac

Metapho version 3.7 is out today. This version adds support for macOS, making it a universal app available for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS.

Metapho for Mac App Icon

Since the Photos app adds primitive support for date / location adjustment in iOS 15, it has covered the basic demand for lightweight metadata tagging (though it’s not real editing; more on that later). This shifted the direction of Metapho’s development towards more advanced areas, and encouraged me to start developing Mac support.

Today, I’m excited — and honestly, terrified — to introduce its first-ever support for macOS (Metapho was not previously available for "iPad app on Mac"). Yeah, my name is YoonHyung and I have a problem. I just couldn’t tick the "Available on Mac App Store" check box for the iOS version of the app and call it a day. Instead, I spent many many months making Mac Catalyst version of the app a Mac-Assed Mac app.

The Mac version puts file and folder support first. For example, a new window starts with the File Bookmarks view. First-class support for files and folders makes it much easier to manage date and location metadata for your photos if you're using directories for storage and organization.

Metapho’s Photos Library support is still great, and even better than Photos' basic date / location adjustment feature since Metapho can add metadata-edited versions of the underlying files or export them outside of Photos with their new metadata.

Pricing & Availability

It’s free to download Metapho from App Store and use it with read only mode + Share without Metadata feature. A subscription is required to use the editing features. A $19.99 per year subscription will enable full feature on iOS, iPadOS, and macOS versions of the app.

A one-time purchase ($99.99) is also available.

For existing customers who have already paid to unlock the iOS version, Metapho for iOS and iPadOS will remain unlocked forever, while a one-time purchase for macOS version can be purchased at a discounted price — 30-40% off — depending on your App Store region.

Metapho offers 7-day free trial with its yearly subscription. Try it for yourself now.