Privacy Policy

Metapho is developed and maintained by Zininworks(“us”). Your privacy is important to us. Metapho has no server component. We don’t want your personal information. All by-product data related to operation of the app remain local and will be deleted if you remove the app. The app does not contain third party analytics.

Apple’s iCloud is used by the app to sync edited data and unlock state.

For web pages – currently – like most web sites, your IP address and browser user agent are saved to a standard web server log file which is rotated daily.

Metapho requests permissions below when the app needs an iOS system permission to operate as intended.

  • Photos Library: To read and write image data and metadata of the Photos.
  • Contacts: To search addresses in your Contacts when you search a location for geotagging.
  • Current Location: To show your current location on the map when you edit location metadata.

Change log

  • August 27, 2017: first published