Metapho Release Notes

Version 2024.3.1


  • Fixes a bug that Metapho window was deactivated after finishing Edit

Version 2024.3

  • Universal, native support for visionOS
  • Under the hood improvements: modernizes concurrency code
  • Cancelling long running operation drops background operations more quickly


  • Improves performance of presenting and navigating Date Edit screen


  • Fixes a bug where Set Date to Metadata Shortcuts action did not work

Version 2024.2

  • Improves performance and accuracy of suggestions for Location Search in Location Edit
  • Smarter initial location of the map when you edit multiple items in your Photos Library
  • Fixes a bug where incorrect metadata was shown for files requiring long loading times, such as certain RAW images


  • Improves compatibility of HEIC images for the Save As… feature
  • Improves stability of the Metapho Action app extension for DNG files without thumbnail data
  • LocationEditor‘s paste menu action now recognizes "Copy Location"-copied item from Photos in the clipboard
  • Improves performance of Date Edit view presentation


  • Fixes the location of the Toggle Sidebar toolbar button in macOS
  • Fixes an issue that text input of Location Search was not working properly on macOS

Version 2024.1

New Features

  • The Assets view now supports auxiliary data such as thumbnails, HDR gain map, disparity map, portrait effects matte, skin matte, hair matte, teeth matte, glasses matte, and sky matte
  • Camera Info contains HDR information for HDR images and videos
  • Image Preview now renders HDR images and videos in HDR for supported devices (iOS 17, macOS 14 Sonoma)
  • The original HDR-ness is retained after the metadata editing
  • Photos Library editing option — Edit Original save option — saves metadata-edited version as a HEIC file (iOS 17, macOS 14 Sonoma)

From blog: Metapho Supports Auxies and HDR

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Fixes an issue where Night Mode Photo is not recognized for some iPhone models
  • Fixes a bug that allows adding a single file instead of a folder in the sidebar
  • Metapho Shortcuts actions will clean up temporary files more reliably upon completion of the action

Version 2023.4.1

  • [macOS] Fixes a bug where Metapho crashes on the editing screen in macOS 13 Ventura

Version 2023.4

  • Extended subscription grace period in the event of billing issues
  • [iOS] Improves functionality of the 'Save As…' feature via title button tap
  • [iOS] The 'Save As…' feature now supports files too
  • Fixes a performance issue that occurred during horizontal navigation of downloadable iCloud Drive files
  • Fixes a layout issue with the Metapho Action, where the layout would reset itself after the Action extension appeared on screen
  • Fixes metadata editing issues for certain HEIC images with multiple XMP entries
  • Requires iOS 16 or later

Version 2023.3

  • Metapho Shortcut Actions now run more efficiently and with improved stability (Yay Derek!)
  • Fixes a bug that prevented the editing of JPEG images without EXIF metadata (such as those from a scanner or a toy camera)
  • Addressed layout issues that appeared after the Sidebar was resized on macOS
  • Improves the reaction of folders when they are trashed or removed
  • Fixes a bug: A folder that was renamed or moved while Metapho was not running would disappear from the sidebar folder bookmark
  • Fixes bugs from the future: handling of non-local iCloud files

Version 2023.2

Some bug fixes for Metapho for Mac with new app versioning scheme.

  • Fixes an accent color bug on the Photos Library grid on macOS
  • Fixes an issue where the app window size jumped to the default when a new Tab Bar was added
  • Fixes a bug where the incorrect file name was shown on the title bar while the metadata view was navigated horizontally on macOS
  • Fixes unexpected app termination that occurred while your Mac was sleeping

Version 3.7

Introducing Metapho for Mac! Metapho goes universal today and its intuitive Date / Location editing is now available on the macOS too.


  • Faster app launch when you have lots of Folders bookmarked in Files section
  • Better EXIF MakerNote handling
  • Adds ‘Open in Metapho’ to the iOS Share Sheet for opening image/video files in-place in Metapho
  • Improves performance of Photos Library left/right swipe navigation
  • More consistent keyboard navigation and focus handling

Bug Fixes

  • AVI file extension was set incorrectly when the file was converted to MOV for editing and sharing. Fixed
  • Fixes a bug where the file bookmark you had removed refused to disappear right away
  • Fixes a bug where incorrect item was shared when the same item was exported in multiple windows simultaneously
  • Fixes incorrect time zone setting when the app was editing a file that had not been downloaded locally
  • Now, multi-file-date-shifting works as expected
  • On iPadOS + compact width, Cancel button when you’re picking save options in Location Edit, works again